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Data Recovery

Data Recovery

harddriveCustom IT uses enterprise-grade data recovery and forensic tools to diagnose, repair and/or save the data on your hard drive. Using proven tools like TestDisk, Recuva, and other professional scanning applications we are able to recover deleted, damaged and missing files, as well as repair basic faults in a disk. We can also determine the health of a disk using information from its firmware, called S.M.A.R.T., which informs us whether or not a disk is near-failure, if it has had errors, how long it has been in service, its serial number, temperature, etc. This can prevent further errors from happening and allow us to replace a disk before something severe happens that could render the information unrecoverable, and is also a great diagnostic tool when a computer is malfunctioning.

A basic hard drive diagnostic can be done in as little as 15 minutes. An “undeletion” of data can take longer, primarily based on the size of the hard drive and how much data there is to recover (limited by the speed of the disk and the computer it’s plugged into). Physical repair of a disk is an involved process and is a last resort tactic that involves switching circuit boards (if the internal disk platter is damaged, there is no chance of repair). Basic data recovery, disk cloning, etc, takes about 1-2 hours, again based on the size of the disk, its speed, the machine it is hooked up to, and the complexity of the repair request. When repairing hard drives, backups are ALWAYS MADE by cloning the disk before any changes are made to the original disk, unless otherwise requested by the customer.

Custom IT Labor Rate is $100.00 per hour. Minimum Bench Charge $55.00. Custom IT is not responsible for any loss of data. It is the Customer’s responsibility to back up data. Data back-ups can be done at the customer’s request at the labor rate above. 3-Day moneyback guarantee. Returned items must be in resaleable condition, in original packaging, with all documentation. Returned items not resaleable or returned after 3 days incur a 20% restock fee. No returns after 7 Days. Any equipment left over thirty (30) days after customer notification becomes property of Custom IT.

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